Pham Thi Uyen Chau (Cathy)

Pham Thi Uyen Chau (Cathy)

Founder | Managing Director

Meet PHAM THI UYEN CHAU (Cathy), Founder and Managing Director of Brandidas Vietnam, a boutique communication agency renowned for its collaborative partnerships with corporations and brands, both local and multinational.

With a cumulative experience of over 25 years in marketing and communications, Cathy’s journey includes eight transformative years at Masso Group, an integrated marketing communications (IMC) agency in Vietnam, where she rose to the role of Managing Director. Her earlier tenure at Shell Lubricant Vietnam, Sales of HCMC and the Mekong Delta region, followed by her role as PMCO Marketing Manager, enriched her with diverse industry insights, nurturing her knack for innovative marketing approaches.

An alumna of the HCMC University of Economics, specializing in Foreign Trade, Cathy’s academic background fuels her strategic thinking and analytical prowess, evident in her consistent elevation of brands and orchestration of impactful campaigns. In her 12-year leadership at Brandidas, Cathy has passionately supported clients through holistic communication strategies, encompassing both corporate and brand realms.

With unwavering beliefs in Trust and Integrity as the cornerstone of prosperous business endeavors, Cathy asserts, “Mutual benefit and shared values lay the foundation for collective success.”

In the ever-evolving marketing landscape, Cathy remains devoted to excellence, fueled by an enduring passion for innovation and a relentless commitment to achieving extraordinary results.


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